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Freesite Insertion Wizard 0.08


Meta changes

You might have noticed that there are 2 mailing lists for FIW at sourceforge.net now (Sourceforge page). Additionally, there is a snapshot directory available now. You will find bug fixes and pre releases there.

If you want to have CVS access, just drop me a mail to my sourceforge.net mail address or to the devl mailing list.

Code changes

If you look at the code, you will notice that there is a new FCP subsystem there (thanks to thelema) and that there is a test case which tests interaction between the FCP layer and Fred. This FCP subsystem should be more robust againt Fred's "API incompatibilities" that come and go with different Freenet builds.

The largest user visible change (at least if you are German or Spanish) is internationalization support. The GUI and some parts of other messages (not the log messages and report files, however, to leave them understandable to all Freenet developers) are translated now if FIW detects your operating system's language correctly. If not (or you are sitting at a foreign computer), you can correct the choice manually.

Of course (thanks to Murphy), as always there has been a "larger" bug in FIW 0.07. It caused new projects which do not use NIMS to crash while the HTML parser is running. However, the workaround for this problem (just activate NIMs before the first insert) was quite simple and the problem seemed to occur quite rarely (most people like to have a NIM form, don't they?).

Of course there are lots of smaller improvements listed below and in the readme.txt file.

All these changes should be fully compatible to 0.07 and 0.06. So if you insert a 0.07 project with 0.08, everything should look like it did in 0.07 before.

For updating from 0.05 and before, the same applies as to 0.06. But I hope that no one still uses that "archaic" 0.05 version ;)

Look into #fiw on IIP to get informaton about latest releases and bugs. Or just check out the source from sourceforge CVS.

New in 0.08

Screenshot (0.05)

As i permanently get mails why i do not add a more recent screenshot: It's because you won't see a difference on it!

Download Version 0.08

You can get it here as a zip file (530 KB). Extract it and run fiw.jar. Happy Freenetting.

The src.zip file contains the source and an ant build file.

If that version does not work for you, fetch an older version from the previous edition of this freesite.


You can contact me at schierlm@users.sourceforge.net or (preferred) via the FIW devl mailing list

There is also a feedback form available.

My nick on IIP is mihi, and if I'm there, then it is somewhen between 7:00pm and 11:00pm UTC. You can use anonymail there as well. The latest news and version announcements are in the topic on channel #fiw there - the latest test versions are available from Sourceforge CVS.