Freesite Insertion Wizard 0.08


Project Freesite

This project's Freesite is available at SSK@M7yZgrl8gwtAe1xEcR5Xyv4tFsoPAgM/fiw/9// in Freenet. You must be running Freenet on localhost for this link to work.

This edition is mirrored here in the sourceforge webspace. Note that the downloads do not work from there!

Sourceforge project page

is located here.

Here you can also download FIW 0.08.

Mailing lists

cvs mailing list - mirrors all cvs commits
devl mailing list - discussion about FIW development issues


You can get latest alpha and pre releases of FIW in the snapshot area.


Main reason for hosting FIW on sourceforge is the CVS.

Browse it or use the following commands to check it out anonymously:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co fiw

have fun with FIW! Logo